Welcome To Meshva Cables

"CABLES INDUSTRIES" Established Since 2017 is a leading manufacturers of All types of CCTV cables, Coaxial, RG6, RG11 etc.., CAT5, CAT6 ect.., Screen Cables, Twisted Cables and Any other special instrumentation and communication cables in "MESHVACAB" brand.

"MESHVA CABLES INDUSTRIES" Situated at Opp. Bus stop, Ravlapura, Ta. & Dist. Anand, Gujarat. Is well equipped with latest machinery & Equipment with in house modern laboratory to test the wires and cables as per Indian & International Specification.

We are pleased to inform you that we have been granted ISO 9001 : 2015.

Insulation process is carried out on most modern high speed extrusion line having installed spark testers and electronically controlled diameter / eccentricity indicators which ensure full proof high voltage test and consistency through out the length of product. The specially developed high grade PVC compound / PE / XLPE compound used for insulation is resistant to moisture, oils, alkalines, grease and flams and has high insulation resistance values.

Outer sheathing is provided with soft flexible sheathing compound to felicitate not only care in stripping but also to ensure toughness to withstand mechanical abrasions in use. Conductor are drawn from electrolytic grade Copper / Aluminium to ensure compliance with Indian / international standards.

All wire and cables are tested at every stage of production strictly by well qualified engineers for Quality Control.