“MESHVA CABLES INDUSTRIES” offer a wide range of CCTV cables, Coaxial, RG6, RG11 etc.., CAT5, CAT6 ect.., Screen Cables, Twisted Cables and Any other special instrumentation and communication cables with Copper as well as Aluminium conductors. The insulation of normal PVC/HRPVC/FRLS/PE/XLPE can be offered. Special purpose FRLS compound for outer sheath can be offered on request. Following are the standard constructional features of PVC/PE/XLPE insulated cables as per Indian and International specification.


The conductor is made of electrolytic grade high conductivity, bright annealed bunched & Solid copper.


The insulation is suitably PVC Compound ( FR, FRLS, ZHFR, Type A, Type C, HR PVC) / Polyethylene / XLPE is applied over conductors by the extrusion process.


Special composite type bonded Aluminium Foil, Special grade of Aluminium Alloy Wire and electrolytic grade high conductivity, bright annealed Tin Copper.

Laying – Up

All multi core cables are laid up as per colour scheme.

Outer Sheath

In cables the outer sheath is of suitable grade of PVC compound (ST1, ST2, ST3, HR, FR, FRLS) , PE and XLPE applied by extrusion method on the laid up cores. The colour of the outer sheath is generally White, Black And Gray. Any other colours provided on customer demand.


We provided sequential marking with brand by Inkjet printer.